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Immigration DNA

AABB Accredited DNA Testing

If you need evidence of a claimed biological relationship, call us.

- Maternity . Paternity . Siblings with one common parent

USCIS, EMBASSY, PASSPORT, CRBA (BIRTH ABROAD), HOMELAND SECURITY, THE STATE DEPARTMENT, REFUGEE AND ASYLEE requests for DNA relationship evidence to prove a claimed relationship.

Our Immigration DNA Tests start at
- $395 (domestic)
- $440 (international) plus shipping and handling.

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Paternity DNA

Legal / Personal / Self-Collection DNA Testing

Legal DNA:

Our paramedical professionals collect cheek swabs or blood (your choice) from the alleged father and child. It is recommended that you include the child’s biological mother for a higher paternity index, but it is not required for an accurate result.

Legally Admissible AABB Accredited DNA paternity testing

Results are: 100% Guaranteed . 100% Accurate . 100% Confidential

Needed for Social Security benefits, deceased fathers, Military benefits, IRS audits, health insurances, school requirements, wrong father listed on birth certificate, custody, visitation, wills and estates.

Cheek Swabs: $345.00 - 3-business day results
Drawn Blood:  $395.00 - 6-business day results

Personal Paternity DNA:

Testing is completed by AABB Accredited Laboratories.

Our professional staff will collect cheek swabs from the alleged father and child. The mother is optional but recommended. There is no charge to include the mother in the test. Results are reported in three business days by telephone and by mail. This test is selected by people who just need to know or want peace of mind and do not need or want the results for legal purposes.

The Personal DNA Test is $245.00


This test is used by people on the go who like to do things themselves or need to carry the kit out of area or to other countries. Instructions are included along with gloves and sterile mouth swabs (expiration date listed).
Results are accurate as long as you follow the easy to understand directions and do not contaminate or switch/mix samples.

The Self-Collection DNA Test is $199.00

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Prenatal DNA

Non-Invasive Procedure

Starting at 9 weeks until delivery, we can draw blood from the mother and cheek swabs from 1 -2 alleged fathers. Our highly specialized laboratory is able to separate the free floating fetal cells from the mother’s blood to obtain an accurate DNA paternity test.

Prenatal DNA Paternity Test:
- $1,195.00 for 3-week results
- $1,395.00 for 1-week results.

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DNA Home Kit

Easy Do-It-Yourself Sample Collection

This test provides results in (2) BUSINESS DAYS after lab receives your samples, exactly the SAME TESTING ACCURACY as the Legal DNA test. Only the collection procedure and paper work are different, ie: it DOES NOT provide legal evidence and IS NOT admissible in court. The kit is for an Alleged Father and Child. Mother's samples optional and AABB recommended.
Note: Your identity is CANNOT be verified with this test. This test offers an affordable vehicle to resolve relationship questions, privately and off the record. Follow the easy to understand sample collection instructions in our kit.

Our DNA Home Kit is $199.00

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Roberta Ginsburg - founder of DNA Philadelphia

Our Founder Roberta Ginsburg

30 Years in the biological sample collection business!

Recognized as a woman-owned and operated business and a community leader.
Roberta Ginsburg is known as Roberta G's®  on FM radio.
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