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Immigration DNA

AABB Accredited DNA Testing

Our tests are available for use anywhere in the world. DNA testing is now required by Homeland Security, U.S. embassies, USCIS, U.S. Consulates, CRBA (Birth Abroad) and for Passports. Re-uniting Families Everywhere. We can do DNA relationship testing services anywhere in the world for immigration. We only work with AABB accredited lab. Our immigration testing specialists have a proven record of helping people around the world with the DNA testing required by Homeland Security, The State Department, U.S. embassies, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) or U.S. Consulates, CRBA (Birth Abroad) and for Passports.

Our Immigration DNA Tests start at $440.00.

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Paternity DNA

Legal / Personal / Self-Collection DNA Testing

Legal DNA:

It's AABB accredited and notarized. Typical why people choose the Legal DNA test: Military and Social Security benefits, health insurance, child support to name a few. You get results in (3)BUSINESS DAYS. It's the Best Legal-Evidence! For Military and Social Security and other Government Benefits / Health Insurance / Child Support / Wills, Estate Transfer, IRS & Lottery Issues. Accuracy Guaranteed: Zero (0) or 99.99% or higher. Results in (3) BUSINESS DAYS from lab’s receipt of samples.

The Legal DNA Test is $395.00.

Personal DNA:

No I.D. is required. This test takes place in one of our collection centers. DNA samples from an Alleged Father and Child are required. The mother's DNA samples are optional and AABB recommended.

The Personal DNA Test is $245.00

The Self-Collection DNA Test is $199.00

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Prenatal DNA

A Non-Invasive, Risk-Free Procedure

We provide accurate, confidential, and prompt DNA prenatal paternity testing tailored to fit your individual needs. Samples are collected with a simple blood draw from the alleged father & mother at one of our coll locations.

Prenatal DNA Paternity Test:
- $1,195 for results in 3-weeks
- $1,395 for results in 1-week.

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DNA Home Kit

Easy Do-It-Yourself Sample Collection

This test provides results in (2) BUSINESS DAYS after lab receives your samples, exactly the SAME TESTING ACCURACY as the Legal DNA test. Only the collection procedure and paper work are different, ie: NOT legal evidence and NOT admissible in court. Note: Identity is NOT verified. This test offers an affordable vehicle to resolve relationship questions, privately and off the record. Follow the easy to understand sample collection instructions in our kit. The Self-Collection DNA Paternity Home Kit is $199.00. No I.D. is required. The kit is for an Alleged Father and Child. Mother's samples optional and AABB recommended. You can always come in and have trained medical professionals take your samples!

Our DNA Home Kit is $199.00

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Roberta Ginsburg - founder of DNA Philadelphia

Our Founder Roberta Ginsburg

30 Years in the biological sample collection business!

Recognized as a woman-owned and operated business and a community leader.
Roberta Ginsburg is known as Roberta G's®  on FM radio.
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