Immigration Paternity or Maternity

The lab and 2,000 affiliated collection facilities globally work closely with the US embassies, foreign governments and immigration officials to provide DNA paternity/maternity/siblingship testing services world-wide for those who need to establish a biological relationship.

Shipping and handling fees *related to collecting DNA samples vary from country to country.

Call us to determine a fee (final fee based on ACTUAL charges) based on your specific requirements.

This test is recognized by the US embassies and immigration officials globally as the most accurate method of proof of paternity or maternity. Identity is verified via photographic ID and Chain of Custody collection of samples.

Our test:

  • Meets the highest industry standards required by the AABB, as directed for use by all US Embassies globally
  • GUARANTEES the accuracy of the results 99% or 0% for paternity or maternity
For two person test including International Shipping & Handling fees.$590
For two person test inside the US. $395
Each additional party$100
Results in 2 business days from receipt of samples by lab.
Note: *Discounts available if more than 3 people tested. Results in 2 business days from receipt of samples by lab.

truth. proof. quick and easy.