Testing for Drugs of Abuse – “13 Reasons to Test Someone”

  1. Pre-Employment Screening
  2. Pre-Placement Screening
  3. Random
  4. Reasonable Suspicion
  5. Post Accident
  6. Return to Duty
  7. Employee Assistance Programs
  8. School Requirement
  9. Safety Sensitive Jobs
  10. Federally Mandated
  11. Child Custody
  12. Court Order
  13. Follow-Up for Legal Purposes

All drug testing follows strict procedures to maintain integrity. We can travel to your site, or you can come to our offices…

Instant 5 Panel Urine Drug Screen
(results in 10 minutes)
Instant 10 Panel Urine Drug Screen
(results in 10 minutes)
THC (Marijuana) THC (Marijuana)
PCP (Phencyclidine)
MDMA (Ecstasy)
Cost: $40Cost: $50
* Longer if confirmation is required.

Type of Test
5-Panel Instant Drug Test $40
10-Panel Instant Drug Test $50
D.O.T. 5-panel (includes confirmation and MRO service – 24 hr. results)*$60
Hair Follicle Testing for Drugs of Abuse (10 panel)$200
Hair Follicle Testing for Drugs of Abuse (5 panel) $150
This hair follicle test detects drug use during the past three months. We need ½ inch of head hair for every month. If we use body hair, the test detects drug use within the past year. Requests for hair follicle testing have surged recently by Judges, courts, attorneys, schools, and businesses, and sometimes parents or spouses.
Testing for Drugs of Abuse (Through Blood)Call for quote
Sample Collection Only – Urine, Oral Fluid or Hair **$25
Sample Collection Only – Drawing Blood$35
Confirmation of Positive Drug (48 hr. results)$35/drug
MRO Service$25

* 24 hr. results if all tests are negative.
* * Volume Discounts for Drug Testing are Available. Note: We can travel to your site, there will be a travel / set-up fee. Reports will be given to the parties requesting testing-the employer, courts, drug rehab or individuals.

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